Q: When should I plan my pool?
A: It is not uncommon to experience lead times between 3-6 months when arranging for a new in-ground installation. Since this process can be so lengthy, it is recommended that new customers contact a sales representative as early in the process as possible, so as to avoid common pitfalls.
Q: How long will it take?
A: From the time the construction crew breaks ground, your pool could be operational in as little as two days. The process will not, however, be fully completed for approximately one month. This allows time for various inspections, demonstrations, etc., to take place.
Q: How long do I have to wait for my deck?
A: It takes (on average) one month for the soil around new pools to settle enough that decking may be poured. In some circumstances, settling time may extend a bit more.
Q: Do I want an automatic cleaner?
A: An automatic cleaner can save you hours of labor each week, as well as helping to ensure an even sanitizer level; reducing the amount of chlorine necessary to maintain a clear pool.
Q: How can I afford such a big pool?
A: Sparkle Pools can help you in obtaining financing, ask a sales representative for more details.