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Selecting a great hot tub can improve your life in so many ways. Please read on to learn more about all that makes Marquis a great hot tub. We hope you will then decide to make The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™ your hot tub experience.

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The Marquis Signature Series are touted by the industry as the most beautiful hot tubs in the market. The moment you first set your eyes on a Marquis you’ll be dazzled by the artistry with which it was sculpted – the sinuous, organic styling that threads throughout the body – the river rock footwell, hand-picked from an Oregon river – and the solid, exclusive DuraWood extruded form a hand-honed board/ Marquis’ eye for detail knows no bounds. Nor does it cut corners when it comes to hydrotherapy innovation. Many Signature models are hydrotherapy rock stars! For more information, see our brochure on Signature Series Hot Tubs.

spa hot tub
The Epic
5 Person / 65 Jets
spa hot tub
The Reward
6 Person / 58 Jets
spa hot tub
The Spirit
3 Person / 32 Jets
spa hot tub
The Euphoria
7 Person / 58 Jets
spa hot tub
The Rendezvous
2 Person / 14 Jets
spa hot tub
The Show
5 Person / 82 Jets
spa hot tub
The Wish
5 Person / 50 Jets
spa hot tub
The Resort
5 Person / 60 Jets
spa hot tub
The Promise
6 Person / 46/48 Jets

Vector21 hot tubs deliver a flow and force unlike any seen before in the galaxy of hot tubs; control and versatility unequaled in any other advanced system concept; individual command and control, yet perfectly designed for transporting a full vessel of hot tub experiences; a new vessel to transport body, mind and soul at 104. Behold, Vector21! For more information, see our brochure on Vector21 Hot Tubs.

8 person
8 Person / 41 Jets
4 Person / 22 Jets

6 Person / 27 Jets
6 Person / 37 Jets

5 Person / 36 Jets

7 Person / 45 Jets

Add a little celebrity status to your lifestyle with a Celebrity Hot Tub™. Whether you want to relax alone, catch up with the kids, romance your love or party the night away, a Celebrity Hot Tub is the place to be. Quality built and designed to preform, your Celebrity Hot Tub will play a leading role in your life, encore after encore. Celebrate, and drop in for some fun! For more information, see our brochure on Celebrity Hot Tubs.

The Broadway Elite
5 Person / 30 Jets

The Hollywood Elite
6 Person / 41 Jets

The Vegas
7 Person / 50 Jets

The Broadway
5 person / 30 Jets

The Hollywood
6 Person / 40 Jets

The Napa
5 Person / 15 Jets


Aquatic training is an important and vibrant part of the sports, fitness, health and wellness disciplines today. Whether you are motivated by competition, conditioning, injury recovery or simply seeking a better balance for you health, aquatic training is the perfect solution for you. With your body immersed in water you improve your health performance without the impact of land-based exercises. Aquatic training takes the pressure off bones, joints, muscles, and tendons, which can help with injury recovery. For more information, see our brochure on Swim Spas.

ATV-17™ Sport


ATV-17™ Kona

ATV-14™ Splash

ATV-14™ Sport Vector21 V150

Design Your Look

Sparkle Pools can help with some color combination suggestions. Or visit to use the interactive Color Chooser. Of course, with the Constellation™ light system you can turn your spa into a full spectrum of colors.

Celebrity Hot Tubs