Available Options

  1. Automatic Chlorinator: a tower that releases chlorine into the filtration system over an extended period of time
  2. Salt Generator: water cleansing system that produces chlorine through the breakdown of sodium chloride
  3. Mineral System: allows you to lower chlorine levels by killing bacteria and algae with mineral ions
  4. UV: kills the bacteria and algae with UV light allowing you to run a much lower chlorine level
  1.  Broom finish brushed concrete

  2. Colored brushed concrete

  3. Exposed aggregate

  4. Pavers

  5. Slate

  1. IntelliBrite LED: color changing light that casts a variety of hues into the pool
  2. White: illuminates pool
  1. Heat Pump: a water heater that utilizes reverse refrigeration
  2. Propane: a water heater that burns propane
  3. Natural Gas: a water heater that burns natural gas
Automatic Vacuums:
  1. Polaris TR35P: powerful pressure-side pool cleaner for all in-ground pools. Features the iconic Polaris 3-wheel design. The TR35P vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size or shape pool
  1. Automatic cover: a motorized pool cover
  2. Smartmesh winter safety cover: attaches to anchors in the deck to provide superior protection. Features a high-tech weave that allows water to pass through while blocking sunlight and filtering debris down to 40 microns
  3. Solar Cover: helps to keep pool water 10 degrees warmer and reduces evaporation
  1. Roman Step: a 10’ curved step upgrade
  2. 8′ Deluxe Step: provides an easy entrance
  3. Swim out: pool entrance/exit low enough to swim onto (great for deep end)
Tanning Ledges for Vinyl Liner Pools:

We offer an 8’ x 8’ vinyl tanning/play ledge with approximately 12” of water. Can be on end or side of any straight edge. 

Sliding Boards:

1. The Cyclone: The Cyclone pool slide incorporates many of the same great features of our TurboTwister, but in smaller proportions at just 4 feet tall. Loaded with safety features like molded handrails and an enclosed ladder, this pool slide is CPSC compliant and is designed for quick and easy assembly and deck mounted installation.

2. The Typhoon: The Typhoon is full-sized pool slide that stands 7’4″ tall to the top of the handrails. The Typhoon offers all the fun of its big brother, the TurboTwister, yet in a smaller package for more limited deck space. With enclosed ladder and molded handrail design for maximum safety, the Typhoon pool slide is CPSC compliant.

3. The heliX2: The heliX2® pool slide is the next generation of S.R.Smith’s popular heliX. With 360 degrees of fun this pool slide’s fully roto-molded construction will provide strength and durability for years to come. Its patented water feature is powered by an improved water delivery system for a dramatic fountain effect. Like the TurboTwister and Typhoon, the heliX2 pool slide features an enclosed ladder and molded handrails to ensure maximum safety. Fewer parts mean assembly is faster and easier than slides of similar design.

  • Poolside Basketball: half court basketball action for your pool
  • Poolside Volleyball: the anchored net splits the pool for intense volleyball matches
  • Poolside Combo: both volleyball and basketball for your pool


Safety Turtle Alarm System: base sounds an alarm when the locking wristband gets wet
Solar Reel: easily winds up the solar cover
Hydrotherapy Jets: therapeutic jets for your pool
Water Features: see sales department
Swimout Bench

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