Available Options

  1. Automatic Chlorinator: a tower that releases chlorine into the filtration system over an extended period of time
  2. Salt Generator: water cleansing system that produces chlorine through the breakdown of sodium chloride
  3. Ionizer: a water cleansing system featuring algae killing minerals
  1. Broom finish: concrete swept smooth
  2. Exposed Aggregate: concrete with some stone exposed
  3. Stamp Crete: concrete formed and dyed to resemble one of the variety of surfaces
  4. Brick Edging: bricks run around the perimeter of the pool edge
  5. Cool Decks: a spray on surface for decking
  6. Slate: a fine slate finish around your pool
  1. Sam: color changing light that casts a variety of hues into the pool
  2. White: illuminates pool
  1. Heat Pump: a water heater that utilizes reverse refrigeration
  2. Propane: a water heater that burns propane
  3. Natural Gas: a water heater that burns natural gas
Automatic Vacuums:
  1. Polaris 3900 or 380: vacuums and removes debris
  2. Legend Platinum: vacuums and removes debris
  1. Automatic cover: a motorized pool cover
  2. Smartmesh winter safety cover: attaches to anchors in the deck to provide superior protection
  3. Solar Cover: helps to keep pool water 10 degrees warmer
  1. Love seat: seating for two built into the edge of the pool
  2. Roman Step: an 11’ curved step upgrade
  3. Spa Step: multiple seats with multiple jet options
  4. Swim out: pool entrance/exit low enough to swim onto (great for deep end)
Sliding Boards:
  1. Wild ride: a 6’ curved water fed slide
  2. Rogue: an 8’ curved water fed slide
  • Poolside Basketball: half court basketball action for your pool
  • Poolside Volleyball: the anchored net splits the pool for intense volleyball matches
  • Poolside Combo: both volleyball and basketball for your pool


Safety Turtle Alarm System: base sounds an alarm when the locking wristband gets wet
Solar Reel: easily winds up the solar cover
Diving Boards: a raised platform extending over the pool edge. Available in 6’ or 8’
Hydrotherapy Jets: therapeutic jets for your pool
Wonderfall Fountain: fed by the returns, it creates a beautiful spray of water
Building Permit: Sparkle Pools will obtain the permit for your pool
Electrical Wiring: Sparkle Pools will furnish an electrician to wire your pool